District Staff

The First Tennessee Development District exists to serve its member governments and to ensure that local, state and federal governments within the region remain strong and efficient partners. The strength and economic growth of each of the eight counties that comprise the District shape each program and project that we undertake. From the Area Agency on Aging & Disability to Workforce Initiatives, District staff work to serve our communities and their leaders.

Each of the program areas that comprise the First Tennessee Development District is administered by a director who works with their respective staff to ensure that the region’s county and city mayors have the tools they need.

Below is a list of the First Tennessee Development District's staff. 









Chris Craig - Executive Director  
Nicole Banks - Director of Finance  
Tina Campbell - Accountant  
Tammy Cross - Director of Communications   
Richard Lacey - Maintenance   
Rick Lowe - IT Manager  
Diane Lynch - Receptionist & Administrative Assistant  
Melissa White - Executive Assistant  

Area Agency on Aging & Disability


Kathy Whitaker - Director  
Tracy Buckles - Health Promotions Specialist  
Julia Church - Intake Coordinator  
Dale Condon - IT Manager & HIPAA Compliance Coordinator  
Melody Conkin - SHIP Coordinator, I&A Specialist  
Stephanie Cox - Intake Coordinator  
Karrie Erick - Public Conservator Assistant  
Chris Gortney - IT Assistant  
Jessica Gouge - Intake & Screening Assistant  
Bettina Gregory - Information Technician  
Genie Guinn - Program Manager  
Angie Gwaltney, RN - Homecare Manager  
Amber Harvey - OPTIONS Counselor  
Lorrie Jarnagin - Information & Assistance Coordinator  
Michelle Jenkins - Pre-Enrollment Assistant  
Harley Jeter - SHIP Volunteer Technician  
Kathie Ketron - Pre-Enrollment Assistant  
Wanda Martin - District Public Conservator  
Kathleen McLaughlin - SNAP Outreach Coordinator  
Beth Morgan - Information & Referral Assistant  
LeAnn Pearce, RN - Nurse Coordinator  
Lynn Pennington - Information & Referral Assistant  
Carolyn Phillips - Marketing Specialist  
Connie Roberts - Fiscal Manager  
Libby Sproles - Fiscal Specialist  
Teresa Sutphin - Projects Specialist  
Julie Webster - Intake Coordinator  

Economic & Community Development


Ken Rea - Deputy Director, Economic & Community Development
Kaci Lowe - Financial Coordinator
Lance Lowery - Community Development Project Coordinator
Angel Shaffer - Financial Coordinator
Gray Stothart - Community Development Coordinator & Historic Preservation Planner

Planning Programs


Russ Davis - Regional Planner
René Mann -  Regional Planner  
Ronda Sawyer - Community Planner  

Industrial Development & Housing


Bill Forrester - Director  
Donna Lewis - Housing Programs Assistant  
Bill Masoner - Construction & Rehabilitation Manager  

Special Projects


Mark Stevans - Director  

Workforce & Literacy Initiatives


Lottie Ryans - Director