Tennessee Valley Corridor

The Tennessee Valley Corridor, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(6) regional economic development organization, led by a blue-ribbon board of directors, dedicated to uniting partners from across the region to:

  1. support and expand federal and state missions and investments in the Corridor;
  2. to leverage the Corridor's growing science and technology assets for maximum new job creation and next generation manufacturing in the region; and
  3. to promote the Tennessee Valley Corridor as one of the premier science and technology regions in the nation.

First Tennessee Development District participates in the annual economic summits which focus on how the Tennessee Valley can work together to leverage regional assets and capabilities in various technology fields. Progress reports on Corridor initiatives are presented and collaborative efforts are explored and developed. The TVC provides opportunities to identify common issues,  a widening of the network of contacts, identifies areas where we can work together and continues to fulfill the District’s mission to provide regional progress through regional cooperation. 

For further information please contact: 

Darrell Akins

P: (865) 679-6985



Jennifer Wiggins

P: (865) 680-1457



Tennessee Valley Corridor
108 Administration Road
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830