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Arts Build Communities

The First Tennessee Development District currently serves as the designated agency for the Tennessee Arts Commission Arts Build Community or ABC Grant. The Arts Build Communities (ABC) grant program is designed to provide support for arts projects that broaden access to arts experiences, address community quality of life issues through the arts, or enhance the sustainability of asset-based cultural enterprises.

ABC funds may be used to:

  • Provide innovative arts experiences that are new or unfamiliar to community residents

  • Offer arts programs that are designed to help affect positive change in community social issues

  • Develop arts programming that strengthens social networks through community engagement

  • Undertake cultural arts initiatives that enhance a community’s identity and/or economic development

  • Offer training that helps experienced or emerging artists/arts administrators develop entrepreneurial skills or innovative strategies for building sustainability

Open to organizations for arts activities if they meet all applicable requirements described in the guidelines. Individuals and organizations awarded Major Cultural Institutions, Cultural Education Partnerships, or Partnership Support funding are not eligible to apply for ABC funding. Colleges and universities are eligible only for activities that serve the needs of surrounding communities or the State and are designed to involve a broad audience. Activities that are credit-producing or are oriented primarily to collegiate students and the academic community are not eligible.

2022-2023 Arts Build Communities Projects

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