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Industrial Programs

The First Tennessee Development District, and more specifically the recently established Industrial Programs Department, provides economic development support within the eight counties that make up the FTDD. The purpose of the Industrial Programs Department is to foster an environment conducive to industries expanding or locating to the region by providing grant writing and administrative services. 

In order to promote the area for a successful economic development project, there must be coordination between several people throughout the grant process. Most projects include input from the municipal or county mayor, local economic development professionals, funding agency representatives, company representatives, and engineers.

Once a grant has been written and funded, an entity typically relies on the District for grant administration to ensure funding agency guidelines are followed. These administrative services include performing environmental reviews, assisting communities and engineers with the bidding process, organizing requests for payment applications, assisting with acquisition activities, complying with labor standards, and completing project close-out procedures.

Infrastructure-funding programs used to assist industries include: Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), the Economic Development Administration (EDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Rural Development (RD), Fast Track Infrastructure Development Program (FIDP), and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). Once new grant opportunities become available, the Industrial Programs Department will utilize them to maximize the potential for regional economic development success. 

For more information on the District's Industrial Programs, please contact Bill Forrester, 423-928-0224.

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