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Local Planning

Since 2011 the First Tennessee Development District, as well as the other Tennessee Development Districts, have provided local planning services to member governments. 

To meet the needs of the district, the FTDD employs two professional planners who provide assistance and advice to local officials, including planning commissions, boards of zoning appeals, design-review commissions, and legislative bodies, regarding planning issues, preparation of various community plans and studies, as well as development and interpretation of land-use controls.  Examples of ordinances and regulations where the FTDD assists with zoning, subdivisions, mobile home parks, floodplains, landscape design, signage, and telecommunication facilities.  Other services offered by FTDD’s Local Planning include reviewing development plans for compliance with local, state, or federal requirements; preparing reports and recommendations for delivery to developers, commissioners, and others; providing continuing education and training for planning commissions, boards of zoning appeals and local administrators; and providing mapping services coordinated by the planning staff. 

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