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Environmental Programs

The District’s Environmental Programs are primarily focused on three issues: environmental compliance, solid waste management, and watershed protection & water resources. The Environmental Department staff also responds to a variety of other environmental issues facing local governments within the District.

Waste Management

Environmental Compliance

The FTDD ensures that every federally funded project administered on behalf of communities is in compliance. This is done through the completion of environmental reviews. The District makes certain that each project conforms to all relevant environmental law and regulation by implementing best management practices and obtaining the required construction permits.

Solid Waste Management

The Development District provides solid-waste technical assistance to local governments in accordance with the Tennessee Solid Waste Act. Through grant funded opportunities the District has assisted communities with grant writing, project administration, educational programs, planning and facilities dealing with solid waste, recycling and waste reduction.

Since 1991, cities and counties have received millions of dollars in grant funds and technical assistance. Grants fund a variety of projects and capital improvements throughout the region. These include:

  • Recycling equipment

  • Used oil collection/recycling containers

  • Used oil heaters

  • Convenience Center construction

  • Waste-reduction projects

  • Educational programs

  • Waste tire collection and recycling

Recent and ongoing projects include: 

  • Used oil containers and heating in Johnson County and Washington County

  • Convenience center upgrades and new recycling equipment in Hancock County and Greene County

Staff also work with each county and Regional Solid Waste Planning Board to complete an Annual Solid Waste Progress Report which is submitted to the State in March each year.  These Reports identify the amount of solid waste and recyclables generated in each county, each year.

The Solid Waste Management Act requires each region/county in the State to divert or recycle 25% of the total waste generated in the region/county.  You can find more information on Solid Waste Management guidelines, programs and grant applications on the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation's website.

Water Resources

The First Tennessee Development District has a long history in water-quality projects, which includes watershed protection and storm water management.  Over the last several years, we have successfully obtained grants from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to develop watershed implementation plans and conduct water-quality monitoring projects. 

The FTDD has also worked with communities and counties in our District to identify storm water related issues. The District has received grant funding from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation through the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act to implement green storm water infrastructure throughout the region.

If you are interested in additional information about the District’s Environmental Programs, please click here to contact the appropriate staff.

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