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Disaster Recovery
& Response

Over the past few years, the region has experienced several significant natural disasters causing millions of dollars of damage, loss of life, displacement of hundreds of residents, psychological and financial hardships.  These disasters include the 1998 flood in Carter County; the 2011 tornado outbreak affecting Greene, Washington and Johnson Counties; and the 2012 flash flooding in Washington County. 

The First Tennessee Development District Disaster Recovery and Response Management Plan has been developed to provide local elected officials with a guide to resources available in the event of a natural disaster causing significant impact to the region.  The purpose and focus of the plan is to identify the local response capabilities and local resources available for short and long-term recovery.

Wild Forest Fires
  • The main focus of the Recovery and Response Plan is to address needs from one week following a disaster up to one year.  Immediate response will be the responsibility of local emergency management agencies in each county.

  • Contact information for local agencies, volunteer organizations, individuals, etc. that provide recovery services following natural disasters will be consolidated.  Services include housing, transportation, social services, food, legal assistance, psychiatric counseling and financial counseling.

  • Local, State and Federal funding programs to assist elected officials, homeowners, business owners with construction, rehabilitation of structures or temporary housing are identified.

  • This document will serve as a supplement to existing county-level emergency response plans adopted and approved for each county in the District. 

FTDD Disaster Recovery & Response Plan

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