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$1.9 Million in CDBG Grants Awarded in the Region

Each year, the First Tennessee Development District writes and administers Community Development Block Grants on behalf of communities throughout the region. These grant projects assist communities with infrastructure improvements, housing rehabilitations and health and safety initiatives. This year, five grants were funded, totaling $1.9 million dollars.

A brief description for each is below:

· Johnson County, EMS Improvements (Ambulance) $293,582

· Mount Carmel, Water System Improvements $476,182

· Surgoinsville, Water System Improvements $ 468,700

· Tusculum, Fire Protection (Fire Truck) $298,075

· Unicoi County, Sewer Line Extension $377,311

Ken Rea, Deputy Director, Economic & Community Development shared that “the economic and community development team is very pleased that five communities in the region received CDBG funding. These projects will be have large impacts in their respective communities.” Staff will begin working with the communities that received grant funding to bring these projects online.

For questions about the FTDD’s Economic & Community Development Department or CDBG Grants, please contact Ken Rea,

About Community Development Block Grants

The allocation of CDBG funds is based on priorities set through the public meeting process at the local community level. The CDBG program is funded through HUD and administered in Tennessee by the Department of Economic and Community Development. Funds are available for water and sewer improvements and new extensions, housing rehabilitation and health and safety projects.

This year, the State of Tennessee funded 62 Grants, totaling $28.5 million dollars.

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