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Recognizing Excellence: Chase Milner's Impact on Regional Transportation Development

Chase Milner has been awarded a 2024 Excellence in Regional Transportation Award from the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) for his efforts in building an electric vehicle ecosystem across the First Tennessee Rural Planning Organization (RPO) region.


NADO is a Washington, DC-based association that promotes programs and policies to strengthen local governments, communities, and economies through regional cooperation, program delivery, and comprehensive strategies. The Excellence in Regional Transportation Awards showcase organizations for noteworthy projects and practices in rural and small metropolitan transportation planning, program delivery, and special initiatives. Award winners will receive national recognition during the 2024 National Regional Transportation Conference in Greenville, SC scheduled from July 30th to August 1st.   


“The Excellence in Regional Transportation Awards program showcases effective and creative transportation initiatives that improve accessibility, mobility, safety, and quality of life in regions around the United States,” shared current NADO President and Ark-Tex Council of Governments Board Director Chris Brown. “Programs and projects like Building an electric vehicle ecosystem across First Tennessee's RPO region is helping to foster community development and economic connections and promote effective transportation networks.”


“Never has there been a greater opportunity in my career to help our local governments access federal grant funds, and to help assist local entrepreneurs and burgeoning EV industry leaders," shared Milner. He added, "I am confident that the region is on a trajectory to cleaner air, safer school buses, greater energy independence, and overall, more resilient communities through this advancement in rural mobility." Milner will be recognized partly because of his focus on building out EVSE in or near Interstates 81 and 26 and charging access locations in public spaces. The result is the potential for new economic development conduits in rural communities and the region’s workplaces.      


Bill Forrester, Director of Community Planning, Housing & Development added to Chase's qualifications for this distinction, sharing that "Chase's fresh perspective and eye for innovation make him a valuable member of District's team. I am glad to see others recognize the same traits, his hard work, and his dedication to the future of transportation."


For more information about the award-winning project, contact the First Tennessee Development District at (423) 928-0224.

For questions about this or other Development District News, contact Mark Stevans,

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