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Regional Wage & Benefit Survey Now Live

The First Tennessee Development District is excited to announce that the Regional Wage & Benefit Survey is now live. Designed for the region’s manufacturers, the survey will collect vital information on wages and benefit structure and provide valuable insight into the true cost of doing business in Northeast Tennessee, while maintaining the confidentiality of respondents.

Sensible Surveys, the vendor for this project, has designed and deployed a product that will not only collect data, but provide the results to every single employer to who completes the survey. This means that employers, economic development professionals, local manufacturers, and prospective industries will have far more accurate data when it comes to decision making on future investment, potential expansions, or relocation to the region. In order to be responsive to the needs of local manufacturers, the Sensible Surveys platform permits users to save their responses and complete the survey at their own speed or as their schedule allows. This feature also means that future surveys will be far quicker to complete and be more cost effective.

The FTDD has collaborated with local economic development organizations across Northeast Tennessee to tailor the survey to the region and disseminate information to industry partners. This cooperation should ensure a detailed and thorough result. “I want to encourage everyone to visit and share the news about this effort within their communities and among local industry,” said Mark Stevans, project lead. “The higher the response rate, the more accurate the data, which in turn can result in greater and focused development within Northeast Tennessee.”

Results from the survey should be available by mid-June.

Please contact Mark Stevans with questions related to the Regional Wage & Benefit Survey at

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