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FTDD Elects New Board Chair

During the course of the FTDD Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors elected a new slate of officers to oversee the organization.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, the Board of Directors met virtually to conduct business including review of District Programs, upcoming projects, and elect a new slate of board officers.

Outgoing board chair, Hon. Richard Venable of Sullivan County, presented the slate of officers for the coming year. They included Mayor W.T. Daniels of Greeneville as Board Chair, Mayor Joe Grandy of Washington County as Vice-Chair, and Mayor Johnny Lynch of the Town of Unicoi as Treasurer. Per board by-laws, Chris Craig, Executive Director, serves as the ex-officio Board Secretary. The board voted unanimously to elect the slate of officers. As board chair, Mayor Daniels adjourned this year's annual meeting.

For more information this meeting, please contact Chris Craig, 423-928-0224.

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