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Woodby Assumes Role as Board Chair

Mayor Patty Woodby of Carter County

Mayor Patty Woodby of Carter County has assumed the role of Interim Chair of the First Tennessee Development District Board of Directors. Mayor Woodby, who has been on the board since 2020, previously served as Vice-Chair.

Woodby follows former Mayor Mahlon Luttrell of Bristol, who was elected board chair in the fall of 2022. On assuming the role of Chair, Mayor Woodby's first words were praise for Mahlon Luttrell, saying “I want to thank Mayor Luttrell for his leadership through the District. The people of Bristol were certainly in great hands during his tenure as mayor. That was also the case with the FTDD, while he served as board chair.” She added that “I look forward to working with my fellow mayors to continue the great work going on through the Development District, strengthening our region and capitalizing on opportunities together.”

Mike Harrison, Executive Director of the FTDD echoed Mayor Woodby's praise of Luttrell saying, "Mahlon is an exemplary public servant, and I appreciate his dedication, hard work, and the leadership I’ve seen displayed through the District".

In her role, Mayor Woodby will chair the upcoming Executive Committee Meeting on January 25th and assumes the duties of executive supervision of the business of the District.

For questions related to this or other FTDD Announcements, please contact Mark Stevans at

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