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$2.5 Million in Multimodal Access Grants Announced for Bluff City, Erwin, & Greeneville

The Rural Planning Organization of the First Tennessee Development District has been notified by Tennessee Department of Transportation that three Multimodal Access Grants, totaling $2.5 million dollars have been awarded in the region. The City of Bluff City has been awarded $781,931, the Town of Erwin will receive $857,796, and the Town of Greeneville $944,353 in grant funding.

Bluff City’s funded grant proposal includes construction of a sidewalk that will provide a pedestrian link between Bluff City Park and City Hall along Bluff City Highway. The sidewalk will provide an interconnection among numerous destination points along route including several area businesses. Four crosswalks located at key points along the route will facilitate safe cross-street pedestrian movements. This project will encourage non-motorized transport in the center of the city and is designed to enhance the quality of life of Bluff City residents.

The Town of Erwin will utilize their grant to construct a new sidewalk along Main Street. The new section of sidewalk will begin in front of Food Lion on 7th street and continue North to Griffith Way, ending in front of Bank of Tennessee. This stretch of sidewalk will be approximately .75 miles long and will help create a safe pedestrian pathway through a very busy commercial corridor and bring further cohesion to Erwin’s bustling downtown.

Greeneville will utilize grant funding to develop a sidewalk/pedestrian master plan to support ongoing redevelopment in their historic downtown. The goal of this redevelopment project is to create a pedestrian and family-friendly destination that encourages economic growth while preserving the historic and architecturally significant nature of the area. The development of a sidewalk/pedestrian master plan is essential in identifying and prioritizing areas for improvement and needs for new access. The master plan will also serve as a road map for the Town as it endeavors to create a safe and vibrant downtown.

For questions related to the First Tennessee Rural Planning Organization or Multimodal Access Grants, please contact RPO Coordinator Chase Milner at

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