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2023 Regional Wage & Benefit Report Now Ready

The Regional Wage & Benefit Report, which details the results of the 2023 survey of the region's manufacturers is now available.

Conducted in partnership with economic development organizations and professionals from across the region, the report outlines the wage and benefits structure within the manufacturing sector of 11 counties in Northeast Tennessee and three counties and one city in Southwest Virginia.

The survey was launched in mid-February and data was collected until mid-May. This gave human resources professionals time to complete the survey and for Sensible Surveys, the vendor responsible for data collection, to assist. The weeks since the survey closed have been used to assess the data, design the report and tie up loose ends with individual manufacturers.

“The value of the data collected in this year's report cannot be underestimated,” said Mark Stevans, Director of Communications, Special Projects, & WIOA for the FTDD, and project lead for the survey. Working with local economic development professionals, the survey was made possible by funding from USDA Rural Development and cooperation among stakeholders throughout the region.

“Each time we do this Wage & Benefit Survey, it becomes more meaningful as our amount of data increases. Obviously, we would like to see more participation; that will come through persistence in showing companies how it can benefit them,” said Clay Walker, CEO of NETWORKS Sullivan Partnership. Jeff Taylor, President and CEO of the Greene County Partnership added that "prospective companies and longtime employers ask for this data on a regular basis, I am glad we can work together and support a vital sector in our regional economy." "A deep dive into our region's wage and benefit structure is important for industrial recruitment and existing industry. This data gives us another tool when responding to inquiries from the former, and help address workforce issues with the latter," explained Alicia Summers, Economic Development Director of Johnson City and Executive Director of the Washington County Economic Development Council.

The working group that guided this project included representatives from the City of Elizabethton, the Rogersville/Hawkins County Chamber of Commerce, Hawkins County Industrial Development Board, Greene County Partnership, NETWORKS Sullivan County, NETVRIDA, Unicoi County Industrial Development Board, the City of Johnson City, and the Washington County Economic Development Council. This year’s survey and report were funded by the United State Department of Agricultural Rural Development, utilizing Rural Business Development Grant funds.

Additional details and a request to receive a copy of the report can be found at

For questions related to this or other District news, please contact Mark Stevans,

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