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Northeast State Community College to assume new Workforce Role in the Region

The First Tennessee Development District, which provides staff to the Northeast Tennessee Local Workforce Development Board (NETLWDB), is excited to announce that Northeast State Community (NeSCC) has been awarded the contract to provide Title I Services for the eight-county region. Federal funding for these services originates from the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, commonly referred to as WIOA.

The selection follows a request for proposals which was released in early March, and an independent review by a committee of stakeholders from across Northeast Tennessee representing employers, educators, and economic development professionals. This committee recommended Northeast State’s proposal to the executive committee of the NETLWDB, which endorsed the recommendation unanimously in late May.

The contracted services include adult, dislocated worker, and youth career services. These services are delivered through American Job Centers (AJC), located in each county. Since no vendors bid on the operational services of the AJCs through a One-Stop Operator (OSO), the First Tennessee Development District will provide those services beginning July 1 as well.

“We’re excited to share this news, and know that Northeast State will be an excellent partner in delivering these vital services,” shared Mike Harrison, executive director of the FTDD. He went on to add that “we look forward to working closely with Northeast State as they staff up and begin meeting this new mandate in the region.”

The adult, dislocated worker, and career services will be overseen by Holly Free-Ollard, who joined NeSCC as vice president of economic and workforce development on June 1. Previously, she was an assistant administrator with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development (TDLWD). She also served the department as state apprenticeship director, promoting and developing apprenticeship programs statewide.

“Northeast State is excited about the opportunity to work with the First Tennessee Development District,” Free-Ollard said. “We look forward to providing training and resources to aid workforce development and employment in the region.”

The Northeast Tennessee Local Workforce Development Board will meet in July to formalize the selection of Northeast State Community College during the scheduled full board meeting.

For all questions about this or other District news, please contact Mark Stevans,

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