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$2.8 Billion in Infrastructure Needs Identified in TACIR Survey across Northeast Tennessee

Northeast Tennessee’s public infrastructure needs top $2.88 billion, slightly more than 4% of the $68 billion in identified needs statewide. This is according to the newly released Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (TACIR) annual report. Infrastructure needs in the region are down $213 million from last year’s report.

This year’s report, compiled in part by the staff of the First Tennessee Development District, from information provided by state and local officials highlights the region’s top five infrastructure needs. They are transportation, $1.48 Billion, water & wastewater, $371 million public health facilities, $186 million, law enforcement, $68 million, and recreation totaling $36 million.

Reflecting the unique focus of each region in the state, Northeast Tennessee's top areas of need differ from the rest of the State. This year in Tennessee, transportation, post-secondary education, and water and wastewater needs total $48 Billion.

This year’s report, like last year’s, includes a statewide overview that provides information by type of infrastructure, the condition and needs of our public-school facilities, the availability of funding to meet reported needs, and a comparison of county-area needs. Following that section, one-page summaries for each county-area list the estimated cost for all types of infrastructure by stage of development.

Further detailed county-area information about each type of infrastructure in the inventory, along with relevant legislation, inventory forms, and a glossary of terms, can be found in the appendixes to the report.

For more information on TACIR and the Infrastructure Survey, please click here.

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