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61 ECD Grant & Loan Projects totaling $61.9 Million in 2021-2022

The First Tennessee Development District Annual Report, which is now available at showcases the work of the FTDD over the past year. In a record setting year, the economic & community development staff has secured $61.9 million in grants and loans for Northeast Tennessee.

These projects include both state and federal funding, or in the case of loans, funds from area banks. Funds utilized this year include grant dollars from the Appalachian Regional Commission, CARES Act, Community Development Block Grants, Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development, Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Johnson City Downtown Revolving Loan Fund, and the Revolving Loan Fund of the Northeast Tennessee Economic Development Loan Corporation. The funds, by county are as follows: Carter County - $12,117,000, Greene County - $6,871,386, Hancock County - $4,282,032, Johnson County - $5,135,503, Sullivan County - $14,474,324, Unicoi County - $6,496,465, Washington County - $7,358,107. For a detailed breakdown of these projects, visit

This figure is not inclusive of the six sizable Economic Development Administration grants that were secured during the course of 2021-2022. Bill Forrester, Director of Community Planning, Housing, and Development worked closely with the Cities of Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, the Town of Mountain City, and Erwin Utilities on $8,641,189 in grants which will fund a total of $22,791,598 in investment. These projects will increase water and sewer capacity and allow industry to expand in the region and create new jobs. “It has been a tremendous year for the region,” added Forrester, “I appreciate all the hard work of the FTDD staff to ensure our communities have the right infrastructure to compete in today’s society and well into the future.”

Nor is it inclusive the of the $25 million Tennessee Opportunity Pilot Initiative grant that was awarded to the FTDD Foundation from the Tennessee Department of Human Services. These funds will be utilized to launch STRONG Families NETN, a collaborative effort to serve 1,000 TANF eligible families in the region, and build family power.

For additional details on the grant programs above or the other area’s of the FTDD’s work, please visit

For questions related to this announcement, please contact Mark Stevans, Director of Communications & Special Projects.

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