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FTDD Secures $1.3 Million in THDA HOME Grants

The Housing Department of the First Tennessee Development District (FTDD) has secured three Tennessee Housing Development Administration (THDA) HOME Grants for Elizabethton, Greene County, and Mountain City totaling $1.3 million dollars.

THDA HOME grants are designed to bring substandard housing into compliance with HUD quality standards, as well as local building codes. Examples of eligible work may include plumbing, electrical, foundations, roof replacement or repairs, handicap accessibility, and window and door replacements. These forgivable grants are awarded as grants to low-income homeowners who live in the home.

Mayor Kevin Morrison of Greene County which received $500,000 of the grant funds awarded stated that "we so much appreciate your hard work, care, and support for Greene County." Mayor Jerry Jordan of Mountain City expanded on Mayor Morrison's comments by adding that he "hope some home qualifying home owners will take advantage of this opportunity to do some needed repairs and or rebuilding to their homes especially since the increase of building materials." Mountain City is slated to receive approximately $315,000 of the total $1.3 million in grant dollars awarded.

The FTDD Housing Department, led by Bill Forrester applied for these grants in the spring of 2022. With funds now secured, Forrester and his staff will recruit contractors to complete the work. “We’ve been fortunate to have excellent general contractors participate in this program over the years,” said Forrester, “but we always need more, it is rewarding for any local contractor on several levels, obviously there is the financial incentive, but several have told me they like to give back to their community.”

Any contractor interested in participating in this round of HOME funded building should contact Forrester for more details at or (423) 722-5099.

For questions related to this or other FTDD Programs, please contact Mark Stevans,

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