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STRONG Families NETN Ready for Referrals

The collaborative consisting of the STRONG Accountable Care Community and the First Tennessee Development District Foundation are excited to announce the launch of STRONG Families NETN. This project is one of seven pilots funded across the state by the Tennessee Opportunity Pilot Initiative with the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

This three year, multi-million dollar project will fund supports for TANF eligible families in the region and support services through a broad network of partnering organizations, such as Frontier Health, Tennessee Voices, Appalachian Opportunity Fund, UETHDA, Carter County Drug Prevention, A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition, M/H Central Services, Appalachia Promise Alliance, Northeast State Community College, and YWCA of NETN & SWVA.

STRONG Families anticipates outcomes such as improved social capital building, family power building, financial well-being and empowerment, improved mental health, stable housing conditions, increased incomes/wages, and enhanced education. The combination of well-established partnerships and new partnerships with local organizations will ensure services to families throughout the 10 northeast Tennessee counties. Trained care coordinators, known as Family Partners, will be assigned to each family to help guide them through the program and serve on the families’ behalf for referrals for services.

Utilizing the Unite Us platform, STRONG Families is now accepting referrals for participants.

The Tennessee Opportunity Pilot Initiative (TOPI) is brought forth by the Tennessee Department of Human Services and TANF Opportunity Act. This initiative will help individuals, families, and the state of Tennessee by creating a new vision for the Tennessee social safety net and is dedicated to helping low-income families grow beyond their vulnerabilities. TOPI empowers all Tennesseans by partnering with local organizations to reach deep into their communities and work shoulder to shoulder with individuals and families, growing their capacity to take on life’s challenges and reduce their depends on the social safety net.

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